Enter an awe-inspiring virtual reality journey aboard the International Space Station
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  • Virtual reality
  • Free-Roaming
  • Immersive Art
  • Multisensory

An Emmy Winner for Outstanding Interactive Program!

Journey Across Dimensions

Enter the world’s largest free-roaming collective VR experience. Explore a life-sized 3D modelized recreation of the International Space Station in an awe-inspiring immersive virtual reality adventure, inspired by NASA Missions.

Journey Across Dimensions - The Infinite in Seattle-Tacoma: NASA-Inspired Immersive VR

Get As Close As You Can Get!

Witness the daily life of astronauts and encounter mind-blowing views of Earth like you’ve never seen it before in the first collective virtual reality experience. The Infinite is the only VR journey in the world to provide such a large-scale multi-sensory, in-person experience that feels as real as floating in space.

Discover Never-Before-Seen-Footage

Captured by astronauts, get a glimpse at life in orbit as you watch Emmy Award-winning Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, the largest production ever filmed in space, in association with TIME Studios, including the first ever space walk in cinematic virtual reality.

Discover Never-Before-Seen-Footage - The Infinite in Seattle-Tacoma: NASA-Inspired Immersive VR


  1. Date: starting May 21, 2022
  2. Duration: 60 minutes
  3. Location: Tacoma Armory
  4. Age requirement: 8+
  5. Price: Ticket Prices Start At $15
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Tacoma Armory

1001 S Yakima Ave, WA, Tacoma. 98405
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What media say about The Infinite

  • Amber Eliott, Houston Chronicle

    (This) new virtual-reality space experience is so realistic it made astronauts cry.

  • Claudia Hébert, Radio-Canada

    The real world will disappear for a good hour. [...] I was sitting next to David St-Jacques, shoulder to shoulder.

  • Philippe Bédard, XN Québec

    Rarely have I cried while doing a virtual reality experience (...) Now I can add THE INFINITE to that list. [...] I was able to put myself in the shoes of an astronaut and observe Earth from a point of view that less than 400 individuals have had the privilege of experiencing in the history of humanity.

  • Jeffrey Kluger, TIME

    Perhaps the greatest spot in the greatest flying machine ever built is the cupola—the seven windowed downward-facing dome—in the International Space Station. It's there that astronauts can see the magnificence of the planet below them and the signs of the highly technological species—the lights of the cities, the contrails of the airplanes—that sent them to space in the first place. It's also there that astronauts can appreciate that humanity can be 'united by the dream of exploration and accomplishment, rather than being united by fear'

  • Bill Browstein, The Gazette

    The ultimate immersive experience that brings visitors as close as most mere mortals will ever get to outer space.

  • Molly Glentzer, Texas Monthly

    Then I looked down, and it knocked the wits out of me. Earth! Alive, immense, and bright blue beneath wispy brushstrokes of clouds, organic and palpably alive. My eyes teared up, then I went giddy. It wasn't just that it was beautiful: something about the wholeness of the planet transcended the mayhem I knew humans were inflicting on it and themselves—something profound and hopeful. The overview effect.

  • Collect SPACE

    Like nothing anyone who is not an astronaut has seen before. [...] The spacewalk is all at once both exhilarating and awe-inspiring. [...] It is the closest that most people will ever get to visiting the orbiting laboratory.

  • CW39 - Maggie Flecknoe

    It’s really incredible. It was like I was transported into a different world. I can’t quite put into words what I’ve just experienced. This is just pure magic. It is the hottest ticket in town right now.

  • CultureMap

    The Infinite redefines the frontiers of the user experience... bringing audiences closer to the feeling of being in outer space than ever before.

  • Chelsea Edwards, FOX 26

    I am in awe. I’m not even exaggerating. It is amazing! I have a newfound appreciation for the astronauts. You are in their shoes. You are at the Space Station. Life-changing. Do not miss it.

  • Houston Life

    It's unbelievable. I was speechless. You feel like you are just perched atop the space station. You can see earth right there, even inside the space station, you're hearing conversations that the astronauts are having. it's like a front row seat to something you never thought you would be able to do.


  • Emmy Awards - The Infinite Experience

    EMMY Awards

    Winner for Outstanding Interactive Program

  • AUREA Award - The Infinite Experience

    AUREA Awards

    Winner Category: Experience

  • SXSW Innovation Awards - The Infinite

    SXSW Innovation Awards

    Finalist VR, AR & MR Category

  • Blooloop Innovation Awards - The Infinite

    Blooloop Innovation Awards

    2nd place, Immersive Awards - Trailblazing new attractions

  • Hub Awards - The Infinite Experience

    HUB Montreal

    Grand Prix de Rayonnement International, Award for the extraordinary commercial potential and its ability to promote Quebec's expertise in immersive experiences and XR internationally

  • Hub Awards- The Infinite Experience


    Best of the City, Exhibition

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